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‘What if artists were in control of the funding and distributing of the money that powers art?’ – Bhavik Singh


In the November/December issue of frieze, senior editor Terence Trouillot convenes a roundtable discussion with artists and writers on decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Plus, Skye Arundhati Thomas profiles artist Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, whose games, installations and videos centre around Black Trans experience.   


Roundtable: DAOs: Parties on the Blockchain

‘DAOs are a collaboration between code, capital and community.’ Terence Trouillot speaks to Ruth Catlow, Rhea Myers, Penny Rafferty and Bhavik Singh on how DAOs can support creative communities, construct a more equitable art world and promote social play within the digital sphere.


Profile: Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley

‘Brathwaite-Shirley’s creations have raw, cracking edges that are alive and seething.’ The artist makes lively, immersive artworks that build towards a community archive. Skye Arundhati Thomas takes a trip through her many worlds.


Also featuring  

Suzanne Treister speaks with writer and curator Lars Bang Larsen about predicting the future, time travel and the questions she’s put to the European Organization for Nuclear Research; Dan Hicks explores whether 3D printing and NFTs can alter debates about the cultural restitution of looted objects in Euro-American museums; in ‘1,500 Words’, time-based media conservator B. Fino-Radin discusses navigating art and obsolescence.

Columns: Control Freaks

Paul Chan highlights passages from Tominaga Nakamoto, the philosopher who possibly inspired Bitcoin’s inventor; associate editor Marko Gluhaich speaks to Metahaven about its explorations of quantum physics; Josie Thaddeus-Johns on how Adine Pintilie traverses the raw edge of VR; Orit Gat considers whether you should fear your toaster. Plus, American Artist and Alex Vitale speak about predictive policing and the alternatives to an expanding police state.


Plus, on the occasion of Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’s exhibition at Berlin’s n.b.k., artist Cory Arcangel looks back at an early video piece by the collective. Finally, Going Up, Going Down charts what’s hot and what’s not in the global art world, and the latest iteration of our Lonely Arts column.

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