Issue 241
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Issue 241

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‘Just slapped together and illegal, and nobody really cared.’ – Lindsay Lawson on Berlin’s Times Bar 

In the March issue of frieze, Jeppe Ugelvig profiles artist Nina Beier, ahead of two major museum shows. Plus, an extensive oral history of Berlin’s legendary Times Bar with contributions from Karen Archey, Dan Bodan, Skye Chamberlain, Simon Denny, Calla Henkel, Lindsay Leonard, Ken Okiishi and Max Pitegoff.

Profile: Nina Beier

‘Beier is unafraid to admit that she’s a hoarder. She collects widely and indiscriminately.’ Ahead of the artist’s two solo exhibitions at the Kiasma, Helsinki and Museo Tamayo, Mexico City, Jeppe Ugelvig considers the artist’s penchant for critiquing commodity fetishism.

Oral History: Times Bar

‘It was chaos, so you either dipped into it or you didn’t.’ In 2022, the artists Calla Henkel, Lindsay Lawson and Max Pitegoff opened a small bar in Berlin. It proved to be both a symbol and a catalyst for a rapidly changing city. 

Also featuring  

Harlem-native artist Nari Ward speaks with long-time friend and collaborator LeRonn P. Brooks about the performance of objects and the devotional spirit they inhabit. Assistant Editor Sean Burns celebrates the influential artist and performer David Hoyle ahead of his homecoming retrospective and residency in Manchester. Lauren Elkin analyses the subversive relationship between gender, textiles and artistic production.

Columns: Outer Depths  

Holly Pester shares a poem from the perspective of an eel, while Ella Finer delves into the sonic frequencies outside of humans’ range. Jonathan Griffin interviews filmmaker Meredith Lackey, and Rob Goyanes examines the uncanny pull of Ahmed Morsi’s fish. Eric Otieno Sumba profiles artist Dominique White, the recipient of the 2022-24 Max Mara Art Prize for Women. 

Finally, Philomena Epps responds to a single work by Yoko Ono, Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff contribute to the series of artist ‘to-do’ lists and the latest iteration of our Lonely Arts column.

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