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Inclinations is a collection of further writings and interviews by Stuart Morgan. 

Stuart Morgan was widely regarded during the 1980s and early 1990s - roughly from the period when punk emerged to that when art became more widely accepted and discussed in Britain - as the most significant British writer on contemporary art, and he was an inspiring and engaging teacher, talker and lecturer. 

Edited by Ian Hunt, this edition includes essays on subjects as wide-ranging as Francis Bacon, Warhol's 'piss paintings' and English drag. 

"Stuart Morgan's essays are full of good questions. Sometimes they are of the simplest kind, at other times immensely reflective. Sometimes he answers them himself, sometimes he leaves them open. His style continually opens a dialogue with his unseen listener - and I say "listener" because his kind of writing seems to imply a kind of attentive conversational listening. He is the master of the short essay. He has talked... of the gesture of criticism as being about the act of recognition, but it is also about a committed perception, a way of taking things seriously which is evidence of the political sense that runs through his work. 
- Claire Macdonald, Performance Research


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