Issue 209
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Issue 209

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The March issue of frieze looks at art in an age of crisis. How can cultural institutions acknowledge their complicity in growing social and environmental inequalities? How are artists responding to increasingly precarious socioeconomic conditions? We lead with a special section on museum patronage, with contributions from performance artist Andrea Fraser, curator Michelle Millar Fisher, climate activist Mel Evans, curator and editor Priya Khanchandani, novelist and political commentator Ahdaf Soueif, and curator and former Queens Museum director Laura Raicovich. Plus, novelist Hermione Hoby reflects on Lynda Benglis’s exuberant and iconoclastic career. And answering our questionnaire is Amsterdam-based curator, creative advisor and board member Beatrix Ruf.

Plus, 36 reviews from around the world, including the second Lagos Biennial and the sixth Singapore Biennale.

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