Altered States

Cultural eruption, artistic experimentation and political transformation. Marking 80 years since the invention of LSD, 50 since Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey and the bicentenary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: the latest issue of frieze takes a trip into the theme of ‘Altered States’. Featuring artists, writers and designers including Sonia Boyce, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, David Lynch, Misheck Masamvu, Nick Mauss and Linda Stark and Lantian Xie among many others.

Plus: 29 exhibition reviews from around the world, including reports on Gallery Weekend Berlin and two shows on 20th-century Italian art: ‘Post Zang Tumb Tuuum. Art, Life, Politics: Italia 1918–1943’ at Fondazione Prada, Milan, and ‘Dawn of a Nation: From Guttuso to Fontana and Schifano’ at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.

With a choice of two covers featuring 'Hatshepsut' (2018) by Lantian Xie.

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